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Dr. Henning Hai Lee Yang er verdens beste spåmann med stor treffsikkerhet.Dr. Henning Hai Lee , the world's most famous and best fortuneteller, has been predicted important events and future for the world and the single person in the street with very strong accuracy since he was born. It is of course no wonder, as he is the direct descendant of two of the most prominent fortune-tellers and the Tang emperor's personal astrologer in 700 AD, Yang Chiu Pun and Lee Shun Feng.http://www.yangz.comDr. Henning Hai Lee If you want to have a consultation with him, you are welcome to contact him on his email : or call him directly to make an appointment : +47 91638538 or +47 922 37542 !

Telephone/Telefon : + 47 91638538 Email :